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Glen Bolstad

Chief Executive Officer


Adam Bieser

Chief Operating Officer


Nancy Schneier

Chief Revenue Officer


Amruta Dongre

Chief Technology Officer

Our Story

We Solve Human Problems Through Technology to Make People’s Lives Better
We work with community banks, credit unions and wealth management firms to automate their manual processes. Our software solutions save banks time and money by streamlining onboarding and lifecycle operations; allowing firms to efficiently onboard new clients and loans, and grow revenue faster.

Why We Do It
Time and time again, we saw that the major software players were not serving small- to mid-sized firms. We feel strongly that locally-based banking and wealth management firms are vital to the strength of our communities, and we want to help them flourish.

Innovative. Smart. Collaborative
We are experts in process improvement and automation: our team has more than 100 combined years of experience in financial services, software, and technology, many of them spent working together in previous situations. Our team’s diverse skills, styles and countries of origin give each of us a unique perspective that we weave together to enrich the interactions between local financial institutions and the communities they serve.

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Vikar enhanced our current loan origination process to handle all commercial loan types from complex C&I to small business with a modern automated solution that connects to our core. We are thrilled that our clients and employees will now share a unified digital experience through an industry leading solution.