Loan Lifecycle Management

Vikar's end-to-end lending solution transforms paper-based, manual, processes with fully automated experiences for relationship managers, underwriters, credit officers, and operations personnel allowing financial institutions to cross-sell from one business unit to the next based on consistent information and insights.

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Seamlessly integrated modules comprise our comprehensive Loan Lifecycle Solution

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Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Commercial & Industrial, Asset-Based, SBA, SMB, Agricultural, Aviation


“Vikar helped us reimagine the customer and team member experience,” said Steven M. Klein, Chairman and CEO of Northfield Bank. "Not only are they providing a complete end-to-end digital solution that directly connects to our core processor, but Vikar also brings best in class practices to our team, driving quick decision making and speed of execution."

Intelligent Borrower Digital Portal

Our software replaces manual and paper-based processes with a user-friendly digital platform.

 Empowers borrowers with a seamless application experience, facilitating the capture of ownership structures, financial information, and all necessary documentation for loan origination

Omni-channel interface equips bankers with a digital touchpoint to efficiently pre-qualify applications

 Dynamically determines suitable loan products for each type of borrower and streamlines the approval process

LLM Intelligent Borrower Digital Portal
LLM Comprehensive Loan Origination

Comprehensive Loan Origination

Our software streamlines the loan origination process and improves the experience for both the customers and bank employees. Vikar's comprehensive loan origination supports:

 Loan Application Integration: Streamline  data capture and organization

 Credit Underwriting: Analyze borrower creditworthiness and risk factors

 Fund Disbursement: Facilitate efficient and secure transfer of funds

 Credit/Risk Analysis: Execute in-depth assessments for informed decision-making

 Loan Documentation & Notification: Automate document generation and timely communication

 Diverse Product Support: Handle Commercial, Construction, C&I, SBA, SMB, Aviation, Asset Based, Agricultural, and Consumer Loans


"Vikar enhanced our current loan origination process to handle all commercial loan types from complex C&I to small business with a modern automated solution that connects to our core. We are thrilled that our clients and employees will now share a unified digital experience through an industry leading solution."

End-to-End Onboarding

Say goodbye to incomplete data! Vikar automates loan onboarding, ensuring all necessary information, beyond what's captured during origination, is readily available for seamless onboarding and integration capabilities:

 Automated Client Data Capture: Eliminate manual input with rules-based data capture for accuracy

 CRM Integration: Streamline client data flow into your existing customer relationship management system

 Direct LOS Integration: Connect with Vikar and/or third-party loan origination systems for centralized management

 Core Integration: Ensure smooth data transfer to your core banking system

 End-to-End Digital Processing: Achieve straight-through loan processing, maximizing efficiency and minimizing errors

LLM - End-to-End Onboarding and Servicing
LLM - Complete Portfolio Management

Complete Portfolio Management

Vikar goes beyond traditional loan-by-loan analysis, acting as your one-stop shop for managing both aggregate portfolio risk and individual loan risk. This holistic approach empowers you to swiftly identify potential loan distress and proactively mitigate risks. 

Vikar doesn't stop there. It automates tasks like financial, loan risk, covenant tracking, and appraisal reviews, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. Additionally, Vikar seamlessly integrates with your Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) reporting, providing valuable insights into your lending patterns and underserved market opportunities.

Treasury Services

Achieve your complex commercial transaction goals and enhance customer satisfaction with Vikar's Treasury Management Solution, designed for seamless implementation and ongoing support. Using our solution, you have access to:

 Effortless Onboarding: Automate workflows for a frictionless customer onboarding experience

 Faster Approvals, Faster Revenue: Accelerate approval processes to quickly convert leads and shorten time-to-revenue

 Real-Time Visibility: Gain instant insights into project progress and service-level agreement (SLA) metrics for informed decision-making

 Transparency for All: Ensure both customers and employees have clear visibility into every step of the process, fostering trust and collaboration

 Reduced Risk, Enhanced Compliance: Mitigate risk and simplify compliance with robust reporting and audit features

LLM - Treasury Services