Client Lifecycle Management

One solution for all business lines including Retail, Commercial, Wealth Management & Trusts, Treasury Management

Online branch account opening for entity and individuals across Retail, Wealth Management, and Treasury Management services

Reimagine client relationships with Vikar. Our Client Lifecycle Management solutions seamlessly combine four innovative modules, empowering banks to gain centralized control, eliminate manual dropouts, and elevate the client journey from acquisition to retention.

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Increase in accounts opened online

3 Minutes

Average time to open a new account


Increase in application completion rates

"What used to take a good 30 minutes in the branch is now down to 3 minutes, and can be done entirely online, entirely in the branch or a mixture of both. And even though every line opening is different, Vikar allows us to give all of them the same look and feel across all lines. Most important: we only have to run KYC once. It's a great experience for our employees and an even better experience for our customers."

CLM - Onboarding & KYC

Onboarding & KYC

Today's consumers demand effortless, convenient, and personalized experiences, especially in banking. Vikar empowers financial institutions to meet those expectations by creating seamless, user-friendly digital experiences.

Vikar eliminates the pain of redundant data entry, allowing customers to effortlessly start, continue, and complete their deposit account application across multiple channels: mobile, web, or in-branch. This frictionless approach streamlines the process, saving customers time and frustration, while boosting application completion rate for financial institutions.

   Delivers a fast and intuitive digital account opening experience for your customers

   Expedite your customer's account opening journey with automated identity verification 

   Drive ongoing improvements in efficiency by minimizing manual review requirements and lowering maintenance costs

   Efficiently fulfill KYC and AML requirements with seamless, upfront integration to diverse data sources

Online Account Opening & Funding

In today's digital world, it's crucial to find ways to make technology feel human-centered including offering a robust online account opening solution. Vikar's Account Opening solution doesn't just offer efficiency; it fosters stronger customer relationships. By streamlining the application process for both customers and employees, Vikar frees up valuable time to build rapport and personalize interactions across all your business lines, leaving both sides with a more positive and engaging experience.

  Offers a seamless and streamlined account opening experience, free from unnecessary complexity

   Provide seamless omnichannel support, accessible online or in-branch, to meet customer needs at their convenience

   Drive ongoing improvements in efficiency by minimizing manual review requirements and lowering maintenance costs

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CLM - KYC Reviews & Maintenance

KYC Reviews & Maintenance

Client needs and circumstances are inherently dynamic, requiring continuous adaptation to maintain an accurate understanding. Our robust KYC integration extends beyond initial onboarding, proactively capturing changes, material events, and reassessing risk profiles against updated information. This ongoing KYC Review & Maintenance solution not only ensures ongoing compliance but also empowers you with complete client visibility, facilitating cross-selling opportunities across your business lines.

   Empower data-driven decision-making for smarter identity and risk assessment, utilizing deposit portfolio analytics to identify trends and patterns

   Deliver ongoing cost savings and enhance efficiency through sustained reductions in manual review time and maintenance requirements.