We Digitize and Automate Manual, Paper Based Processes


Our intuitive, dashboard-based solutions deliver dramatic efficiency improvement

Integrated Workflows

Integrated Workflows

Embedded Onboarding Validation

Embedded Onboarding Validation

Complete Event Tracking

Complete Event Tracking with Exception Management

Full Compliance and Audit Support

Full Compliance and Audit Support


Retail Banking


Periodic Reviews
Material Change
Transaction Monitoring



Client & Account Opening
Transaction Disputes/Reg E
Stop ACH
Death Notification



Loan Onboarding
Loan Servicing
Loan Tracking
PMI Cancellation
ARM Resets
Revolving Loans
Distressed Loans/REO


Community Reinvestment Act
Advertising Compliance
Procedures Review


Wealth Management


Client Initiation
Account Opening


Periodic Reviews
Material Change

Standalone Components

Standalone Components Built on a Robust, Repeatable Framework

Paper-based, manual and repetitive tasks invite errors, waste time, and do nothing to empower staff or engage clients.

Automating these processes dramatically improves efficiency and lets community-based banks and wealth managers focus on helping people and businesses thrive.

Vikar’s process automation modules transform desk-to-desk paper transfers into streamlined, electronic workflows that offer consolidated views of customer relationships, and easily-retrieved digital documents and data for compliance and audit.

Individual modules can be tactically deployed to solve urgent process gridlock or implemented in combinations that support broader business growth objectives.   

MODERN SOFTWARE married to unmatched tech iq

Built on a Strong Technology Foundation

Scalable, Easy to Maintain: fully cloud enabled and can easily be deployed on premise

Plug and Play Components: end to end solution or individual components that integrate with back-office providers including a CRM such as Salesforce, Loan Origination Systems and Core Banking Systems

Speed To Market: minimal configuration is required as solution is built based on industry standards and best practices

Omni-channel: built for the digital age through all 3 service delivery models: self service, joint service and full service

Automate Loan Servicing and Tracking

THE PROBLEM: Manual processes resulted in inefficient loan servicing and tracking of loans purchased by the bank, leading to disjointed processes, extensive printing of documents and rekeying of information into multiple systems – all of which increased audit/risk concerns.

OUR CHALLENGE: To streamline their processes and provide an automated solution that avoided rekeying and allowed tracking and oversight of the full loan lifecycle.

THE SOLUTION: Within 2 months, Vikar analyzed the bank’s loan servicing operation, recommended significant changes to streamline processing and prototyped automated solutions to address core pain points: 1) Tools for servicers to retrieve digital documents and information, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and 2) Management tool to monitor the full loan lifecycle and report on key department metrics

THE RESULT: The bank is able to scale, service more loans and increase customer satisfaction.

Automation of Regulation E Processes

THE PROBLEM: Manual processes resulted in poor customer experience, missed SLA’s for disputes, and overworked employees all of which increased audit/risk concerns.


OUR CHALLENGE: To streamline their processes and provide an automated solution that eliminated re-keying of information, automated client letters, tracked SLA’s, provided timely and accurate resolution of disputes, with audit and reporting capabilities.


THE SOLUTION: Within 4 months, Vikar analyzed the bank’s regulation E processes, recommended significant changes to streamline processing and developed an automated solution. The solution includes the following features and functionality: Straight through processing to the core banking system; workbench for employees to manage their work and tasks; fully automated process that automates client letters, eliminates re-keying of information; SLA’s added to process steps to meet compliance guidelines and approvals from management; and rReporting and audit capabilities to meet Auditors and Senior Management needs.


THE RESULT: The bank has increased client experience and satisfaction while meeting Regulation and Auditors requirements.

The Vikar Story


We Solve Human Problems Through Technology to Make People’s Lives Better
We work with community banks and wealth management firms to automate their manual processes. Our software solutions save banks time and money by streamlining onboarding and lifecycle operations, allowing firms to efficiently onboard new clients and grow revenue faster.


Why We Do It
Time and time again, we saw that the major software players were not serving small- to mid-sized firms. We feel strongly that locally-based banking and wealth management firms are vital to the strength of our communities, and we want to help them flourish.


Innovative. Smart. Collaborative.
We are experts in process improvement and automation: our team has more than 100 combined years of experience in financial services, software, and technology, many of them spent working together in previous situations. Our team’s diverse skills, styles and countries of origin give each of us a unique perspective that we weave together to enrich the interactions between local financial institutions and the communities they serve.


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