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Loan Lifecycle Management

Borrower Digital Portal, Origination, Onboarding, Portfolio Management

Client Lifecycle Management

Onboarding & KYC, Account Opening & Funding, KYC Reviews & Maintenance, BSA/AML Fraud Detection 


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  • Vikar is a digital transformation software company
  • Targeting community banks and credit unions
  • Modernizing and enhancing the employee and client experience with end-to-end intelligent, scalable, automated front end user interfaces
  • Streamline operations and increase productivity
  • Sits on top of your existing core back-end systems for seamless integration

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"Vikar exceeded our expectations in implementing a new loan onboarding integration solution both for how their software reduced processing time and improved data accuracy for our commercial borrowers. Most importantly, their team was familiar with our existing systems, has a high degree of subject matter expertise, and worked efficiently with our IT team to deliver an operational solution in a rapid agile fashion." - David Goldberg, Director of Loan Servicing, Valley Bank

Loan Lifecycle Management

Digitize End-to-End Loan Lifecycle Management For Straight-Through Digital Processing

The Vikar solution starts with the Borrower Digital Portal with an intelligent user interface and business rules to determine borrower and product eligibility.  This information is integrated into the Loan Origination System where the underwriting and credit/risk analysis is performed.  All associated documents and letters are generated and delivered to the Onboarding module.  All product rules are created and validated and information is integrated back into the Loan Origination System and CRM and onboarded to the core banking system.  The Portfolio Management module performs all financial, loan risk and appraisal reviews.

KYC Review  - Vikar Technologies

Client Lifecycle Management

Easy Client and Account Opening with Funding, KYC Review and BSA/AML Fraud Detection

The Vikar solution starts with the Client Portal where Onboarding & KYC (initial) is performed including product and customer due diligence. Next is the Account Opening & Funding module where Vikar supports a multitude of account types.  Account suitability and funding activities occur.  The accounts are continually monitored and maintained with the KYC Review & Maintenance and BSA/AML Fraud Detection modules.  

"The boom in activity around PPP lending forced many banks to face their fear of digitization.  Without the help of modern technologies, banks simply couldn’t handle the volume." (Nancy Schneier - New Jersey Banker Magazine (Fall 2020)

Vikar Supports Community & Regional Banks

Loan and Client Lifecycle Management Solutions

Vikar provides a unified workflow and data aggregation with case management capabilities to connect all systems and track and monitor activity. Vikar configures your solution based upon their Digital Automation Platform allowing Community and Regional Banks to quickly achieve straight-through-digital-processing of their inefficient / legacy work-streams and customer facing applications. 

Community Bank  - Vikar Technologies

Our two core solutions today are the Loan Lifecycle Management and Client Lifecycle Management. Each solution provides workflow automation and data aggregation with open APIs for the front, middle and back office; enabling Vikar customers to onboard and maintain clients and loans in a complete, end- to-end digital experience.

See how we’ve helped over (20) banks in 2020 streamline operations, increase both productivity and revenue while improving customer engagement.


Digitization is no longer optional for banks.  A transformational change is required which is enabled through automation and the digital experiences it creates.” 

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Glenn Bolstad, CEO, Vikar Technologies

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